First class auto electrical services in Browns Plains

Auto electrical services

We don’t just repair your car; we can install the latest technology that you only see in new cars. We can put cruise control, traction control, mobile phone hands free and much more. For all auto electrical services in Browns Plains, call us now.

Cruise control

If you’re thinking of getting a cruise control kit for your vehicle, A And A Auto Electrics can do the job, and guarantee it. Not only does cruise control make those long drives easier, they can help increase your vehicle fuel efficiency. We have a great range of different cruise control kits for many makes and models. We can install it for you within a few hours and you will be back on the road, cruising along in no time! 

Traction control

A And A Auto Electrics can install traction control in your car and make it safer for you and other drivers around you. Automotive traction control is a technology that combines things like antilock car braking systems and stability control, and is the third essential safety tool that helps in keeping all the wheels on road. Traction control can make a big difference to whether or not your car stays on the road.


As well as having great accessories fitted to your vehicle, A And A Auto Electrics also has all your auto electrical repair needs covered! Whether you need lights repaired, alternator or starter motor repaired or replaced, fuel injection serviced our qualified auto electricians can help. Our staff will take the time to explain what they are doing, why, and if applicable, how you can prevent the problem from happening again. We provide high class electrical services in Browns Plains.

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